Delicious Food that Appeals to People
of all Ages and Food Orientations

We make specialty items that turn every dining experience into an elegant occasion and casual treats that are great for daily delights. Our products are so delicious you won’t know they are good for you. Our product lines were evaluated and accepted by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (now known as the Specialty Food Association) and launched at the NASFT 2011 Fancy Food Show, where our Creamy Chocolate Vegan Flan Cake and our Velvety Vegan Pâté were nominated for a Gourmet Award by a reporter from the US News Bureau. The Elegant Vegan is a Woman and Minority Owned Certified Business. We were awarded the Rising Star Minority Business Enterprise Award from the State of Wisconsin in October 2011, and were approved for full membership into the Specialty Food Association in July, 2013.

We use organic and local ingredients whenever possible, often purchasing raw ingredients from local farmers who, though not certified organic, use organic practices. And, we always use vegan friendly ingredients. The spices we use have not been irradiated or treated with methylene oxide. Our products are free of preservatives, trans fats, artificial flavors, colors and dyes. Most of our products have very low or no fat in them, including several baked goods, and are full of flavor and absolutely delicious. We've included the nutritionals for our products so that you can see the low calorie and fat content as well as the ingredients. You'll see that we have several products that do not contain gluten and we use organic and non-GMO ingredients for those that are typically genetically modified.

We continue to develop new, tasty vegan products that we look forward to sharing with our fellow Elegant Vegans and everyone who wants great tasting, healthy delicacies.

Please check our website periodically for new product additions and use our inquiry form under the contact us tab to send us the names of traditional foods that you would like to see turned into Elegant Vegan products.